How To Use


1. 国内外的各类企业均可租用本公司拥有自主知识产权的“多商务条件的网上询价及即时报价系统”和“多商务条件的网上及时竞价系统”,通过互联网来操作竞争式的询价业务或进行竞价式的采购业务。
2. 针对国内外的各类企业需要寻购的指定的商品或产品,或需要通过OEM方式寻购的特定的商品或产品,本公司可以提供组织相关的市场调研报告、价格调研报告、现场考察报告、信用调查报告等服务。
3. 在上述服务成功的基础上,本公司可以协助安排美国企业实地考察其选定的国内的制造商的工厂、与其进行的商务谈判、相关的合同的签署,以及合同货物从国内工厂运抵其指定的在美国的任何目的地的中国-美国物流服务。
  地址: 上海市奉贤区奉浦工业区航星二村12号
邮编: 201400
电话: 021-67105281
传真: 021-67108501
About Us
A. Who we are
  We are developer and service provider of MULTI-COMMERCIAL TERMS RFQ & DYNAMIC QUOTING ONLILE SYSTEM and MULTI-COMMERCIAL TERMS DYNAMIC BIDDING ONLILE SYSTEM with bilingual operation language: Chinese and English.
B. What service we are providing
1. We are service provider of the above two electronic commerce platforms to enterprises, including manufacturers and wholesalers, for sourcing prices, commercial terms and performing commodity procurement for most products and / or commodity made in China.
2. As per specified product or commodity or OEM procurement, we are provider of investigation reports of market, prices, site inspection, credit and qualified vendors.
3. As soon as succeeded in investigation, we are able to arrange American buyers for site inspection, commercial meeting, negotiation and signing contracts. Also, we can help with DDP service – “Door-to-Door service” from Chinese plants to destinations in USA - as per requirement.
C. What manner we serve to our clients
1. Clients can rent either MULTI-COMMERCIAL TERMS RFQ & DYNAMIC QUOTING ONLILE SYSTEM or MULTI-COMMERCIAL TERMS DYNAMIC BIDDING ONLILE SYSTEM or both of them to perform procurement in China. Name and/or Logo of clients, who rent the system, will be showed on the first page of the system.
2. Clients can purchase our service for sourcing products, commodity, qualified vendors, and prices. Also, we can assist arrangement of logistic, such as DDP service, except for the system rent.
D. Contact us
  Address: No. 12 Hangxing Er Cun, Fengxiang District, Shanghai, China
Post Code: 201400
Tel: 021-67105281
Fax: 021-67108501
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